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Welcome to 


The best shaved ice anywhere.

"When the Snowie-mobile rolls up, the fun begins!"

Welcome to


Proudly serving the Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse areas.

What makes SnowieWNY

the coolest around?

The Snowie-mobile!

It's bright, it's fun, and it's one-of-a-kind!

The Snowie-mobile draws a lot of attention before we even start serving our amazing Snowie shaved ice treats!

Whether at a local festival, school event, 

daycare, sporting event, or at your private event,

the Snowie-mobile brings the fun to you!


Shaved Ice that can't be beat!

Our custom equipment allows us to shave the ice so fine that is perfectly snow-like and the fluffy texture absorbs the flavoring throughout - from top to bottom, delicious from first taste to last.   The best part is  that the  pure white snow is like a blank canvas for  creating your own super refreshing  flavor masterpiece.  

The possibilities are endless!

And, to make it even more fun...

 a self serve flavor station!

1, 2 , 3 & even MORE! - That's how many people can be flavoring their Snowie shaved ice at our  self serve flavor station.   There are 9 super tasty flavors to choose 

from at the flavor station and you are your  own mix master!

From the SNOWIE-mobile, you can help yourself  to our dye free Snowie Natural flavors.

We can even hand pour sugar free flavors  and premium toppings too... so many delicious choices! 


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